What factors affect reproduction success in Snow leopards within European zoos?

Last changed: 15 November 2019

Within the EEP for Snow leopards (European Endagered Species Programme), it has been reported on several occations that batches of snow leopard cubs have died, probably because the female has abandoned them. This is a big problem both from an animal welfare perspective, but also from a conservation perspective since fewer individuals are included in the future breeding of this endangered species. To investigate what factors that can be connected to this problem, Emma Nygren, the studbook keeper of Snow leopards in Europe, seek a master student for constructing, sending out and summarize a survey to all keepers of Snow leopards in European zoos. The result from the survey will be included in the future Best Practice Guideline for Snow leopards.

Suitable for master students with a background in biology or animal husbandry

Supervisor: Jenny Loberg, HMH

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