PhD course: Equitation Science

Last changed: 07 February 2023
Close up picture of horse

Registration is now open! The course contents include:

  • What welfare is - with focus on positive welfare
  • Animal emotions and how to measure them
  • Assessment of horse behaviour at the human-horse interface
  • Equine perception, learning and stress responses
  • Horse management and behavioural needs
  • Ethics and social license to operate
  • Applying science to practice

Prerequisites for registration

Admitted to a postgraduate program ( MSc) or passed academic graduate level courses in, i.e. animal science, equine science veterinary science, agricultural science, biology, ethology you are welcome to register. Participants of residency programmes (or other specialization programmes with relevance to equitation science) will also be admitted.

The course is arranged by the Graduate School for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences (GS VMAS).

Wondered about previous Equitation Science courses?

Get a “taste” of the course held in 2021 here. Feedback from students participating in the online version of the course during 2022:

“Thank you so much for providing such an excellent learning opportunity. It was a great learning experience and it provided an awesome practical knowledge regarding equitation science.” | “It was great to meet likeminded people from different countries without having to spend lots of money on travelling despite the limitations of the virtual set up.  I think the range of topics was very wide and detailed - something for everyone no matter what area of research we specialise in.”