Doctoral theses

Last changed: 12 September 2023

Doctoral theses 2010-2014

Doctoral theses 2000-2004

Doctoral theses 1990-1999

  • Ortman, K., 1999. Organic vs. Inorganic Selenium in Farm Animal Nutrition with Special Reference to Supplementation of Cattle. Doctoral thesis. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae. Veterinaria 45. SLU, Inst för husdjurens miljö och hälsa, 1999.
  • Berg, C., 1998. Foot-pad dermatitis in broilers and turkeys - prevalence, risk factors and prevention. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, Veterinaria 36. PhD thesis.
  • Bergsten, C., 1995. Digital disorders in dairy cattle with special reference to laminitis and heel horn erosion: The influence of housing, management and nutrition. Dissertation. SLU, Experimental Station, Veterinary Institute, Skara 1995.
  • Malm, K., 1995. Behaviour of parents and offspring in two canids. SLU, Inst. för husdjurshygien, Rapport 37, Skara 1995. Thesis (Doctoral).
  • Lidfors, L., 1994. Mother-young behaviour in cattle. Parturition, development of cow-calf attachment, suckling and effects of separation. SLU. Inst. för husdjurshygien. Rapport 33. Thesis (Doctoral), 1994,1-56.
  • Svensson, C., 1994. Bovine coccidiosis with special reference to Eimeria alabamensis infections in grazing calves. SLU, Experimental Station, Veterinary Institute, Skara 1994.
  • Carlsson, J., 1994. The value of the concentration of urea in milk as an indicator of the nutritional value of diets for dairy cows, and its relationships with milk production and fertility. Dissertation. SLU, Experimental Station, Veterinary Institute, Skara 1994.
  • Castrén, H., 1993. Suckling behaviour, milk consumption and hormone release in the sow relative to nest building and early milk ejections. Academic dissertation. Thesis. College of Veterinary Medicine, Helsinki, Finland and Swedish Univ. of Agric. Sci., Dept. of Anim. Hyg., Skara, Sweden.

Doctoral theses 1980-1989

  • Algers, B., 1989. Vocal and Tactile communication during suckling in pigs. Aspects on functions and effects of continuous noise. Thesis. Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Rapport 25, 1989, 162.
  • Bendixen, P.H., 1988. Risk indicators of disease occurrence in dairy cows in Sweden. SLU, Inst. för husdjurshygien, Rapport 18, Skara 1988. Thesis. 156.
  • Andersson, L., 1984. Detection, occurrence, causes and effects of hyperketonaemia in Swedish dairy cows. SLU, Experimental Station, Veterinary Institute, Skara 1984.
  • Jensen, P., 1983. Confinement and continuous noise as environmental factors affecting communication in the domestic pig. Thesis (Doctoral). Swedish university of agricultural sciences, Dept. of animal hygiene, Skara 1983. Rapport 8. 146.
  • Liberg, P., 1982. Blood protein screening in healthy and diseased cattle. Agarose gel electrophoresis, the formol-gel and glutaraldehyde tests. SLU, Experimental Station, Veterinary Institute, Skara 1982.

Doctoral theses 1960-1979

  • Lindqvist, J-O., 1974. Animal health and environment in the production of fattening pigs. A study of disease incidence in relation to certain environmental factors, daily weight gain and carcass classification. Acta Vet. Scand. suppl. 51, 1974, 1-78.
  • Bäckström, L., 1973. Environment and animal health in piglet production. A field study of incidences and correlations. Thesis, Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica, 1973, suppl. 41. 1-240.
  • Ekesbo, I., 1966. Disease incidence in tied and loose housed dairy cattle and causes of this incidence variation with particular reference to the cowshed type. Acta Agriculturae Scand. Suppl. 15, 1966, 1-74.
  • Pehrson, B., 1966. Studies on ketosis in dairy cows. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica, Suppl. 15.
  • Jönsson, G., 1960. On the etiology and pathogenesis of parturient paresis in dairy cows. Statistical and morphological investigations and a review of the literature. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica. Suppl. 8.