Centre for Feline Behaviour and Welfare

Last changed: 25 February 2019

Thanks to funding from Sparbanksstiftelsen Skaraborg we have now had the opportunity to launch our feline research centre – Centre for Feline Research and Behaviour at SLU in Skara. Research within behaviour and welfare of domestic as well as wild felines is limited and with this initiative we aim to put focus on feline behaviour and welfare. The Centre for Feline Behaviour and Welfare will be a node for research within behaviour and welfare of felines and acts as a platform for researchers both nationally and internationally. The centre will incorporate additional stakeholders such as zoological parks, animal hospitals, organisations and businesses working to promote the welfare and natural behaviours of felines. The CFBW will be a place where research, education and consulting exist under the same platform.

During 2014/2015, we will organise two workshops with focus in creating a meeting place for researchers to come together and plan future research projects as well as applications for funding. The aim is to write larger research proposals with groups composed of several researchers and PhD students, based at SLU in Skara.

The first workshop took place in June focusing on welfare and behaviour of the domestic cat. The second workshop took place in November 2014 where focus was on wild felines. This workshop was arranged in collaboration with our partners Nordens Ark, Parken Zoo and Borås djurpark.

The third workshop takes place in march 2015 and will focus on future research and collaborations. During this meeting we will focus on working on project ideas and applications for funding. This meeting is only for researchers that want to work with feline behaviour and welfare as this workshop will be based around future research projects.

We are looking forward to working for a better welfare of both domestic and wild felines!

Contact: Maria Andersson and Elin Hirsch

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