EU-PLF project

Last changed: 17 June 2020

EU-PLF is designed to bring Precision Livestock Farming tools from the lab to the farm, for the benefit of animals, farmers, consumers, industry and environment

The overall objective of the EU-PLF project is to bring available PLF tools from the lab to the farm. SLU's contribution to the project is to define and further study animal welfare indicators that can potentially be measured with PLF technology. The focus is on comfort around resting in dairy cows and human-animal relationship in broilers.

The process of making PLF tools operational for the end-user in dairy, pig and poultry farms is a main topic in the whole project and a generic procedure (blueprint) will be created that will help people in the future to translate Precision Livestock Farming concepts into operational tools. This blueprint represents a manual for farmers and high tech SME's that are keen to develop and use PLF tools. It will be a reference tool offering pragmatic guidance on how PLF systems can be applied on farm level in order to create value for the farmer and other stakeholders.

You can find more information in the final report here.

Contact: Harry Blokhuis

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