FRESH - Fish REaring and Stress Hazards

Last changed: 11 June 2019

FRESH is a joint project between the Department of Animal Environment and Health and the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, both at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg (GU). The aim of the project is to improving fish welfare in commercial fish production systems

Photo: A group of people, all of them in the FRESH project research group.


Bo Algers (SLU), Michael Axelsson (GU), Lotta Berg (SLU, co-ordinator), Jeroen Brijs (GU, not in photo), Albin Gräns (SLU), Per Hjelmstedt (SLU, not in photo), David Huyben (SLU, not in photo), Anders Kiessling (SLU), Torbjörn Lundh (SLU, not in photo) Erik Sandblom (GU), Kristina Sundell (GU) and Henrik Sundh (GU) .

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An illustrated jumping fish and a photo of PhD student David Huyben.

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