Hennovation - networks that support innovation and knowledge exchange within the laying hen sector

Last changed: 18 February 2020

Hennovation is an EU funded project that aims to find innovations (new, good solutions to problems) within the laying hen sector.

Photo of the members in the project Hennovation.
Photo: Jørgen Nyberg Larsen

Producers and other actors in the industry will form groups that meet together with a facilitator that has as its task to support the groups. These so-celled networks focus on innovative solutions related to feather pecking and management of end-of lay hens. The networks meet around every second month during one year. At the meetings the groups can invite and exchange knowledge with different experts such as veterinarians, researchers, feed experts, breeders, geneticists etc. The network can discuss problems with each other and with the experts to find innovative solutions. In addition, ideas for solutions and related information are shared with other producers, also in other countries. Information exchange and discussions between persons that have the practical knowledge increase possibilities to find relevant, practical and economically feasible solutions to common problems. Another important aim is to improve the exchange of knowledge and information between practice driven actors and science driven actors. The countries participating in Hennovation are Sweden, England, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Spain.

Project leader: Harry Blokhuis

Here you can see a video about the project (youtube, 7 minutes).

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