The effect of transport cage size on the welfare of working dogs

Last changed: 25 February 2019

Working dogs, such as police dogs, spend a large part of their time in the car. As independent expertise, SLU has been given the task by the Police and Swedish Customs to perform a scientific study to investigate the best way to transport working dogs, and how transport cages should be designed to fulfil the physical and mental needs of the dogs.

The project included a pre-study which mapped the routines and prerequisites of the agencies, as well as other factors important for the subject. This was followed by an experimental study with the goal to evaluate how the size of transport cages used by the Police and Customs today affect the welfare of the dogs, and which cage size is most appropriate for different dogs in different situations. Since the working dog must have the chance to rest and recuperate in the car, but also be safe during driving, both comfort and safety are important for the welfare of working dogs in cars.

Photo: Lena Skånberg, SLU

The results can also serve as material in future revisions of public regulations. The project is financed by the Swedish Police and Swedish Customs.

Contact: Lena Skånberg

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