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Last changed: 21 June 2022
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Abstract submission is now open. Please send us an e-mail with “NFSC abstract” in the subject line. The text should be in English and should only briefly describe the content of your contribution. A tentative title and a few sentences is sufficientIt will not be published and should start with a descriptive title, the name of the author(s) and affiliation.

Deadline for abstract contributions to the Nordic Feed Science conference is May 15, 2022. Send your contribution by e-mail to 

Indicate in your e-mail if you prefer poster or oral presentation. Note that the number of oral presentations will be limited by the organizers.

In addition to standard research papers we also welcome presentations of planned or on-going research, ideas for research cooperation, etc. We also plan to include time for discussions and you are all encouraged to submit ideas for this session.


Full paper

After acceptance of your abstract, you should submit a full paper. The text should consist of maximum 3 pages and be written in English. All accepted contributions for the Nordic Feed Science Conference will be published as a report and handed out at the conference. 

Deadline for full contribution is June 15, 2022


How to write a contribution

Please write your text directly into our Microsoft Word-template in a step-by-step fashion not to lose hidden formatting. Alternatively, use "Paste Special"/ "Unformatted text" to enter your text.
Send your contribution by e-mail to 



Each poster screen is 3 x 70 cm (width) x 180 cm (height). You will have access to one screen each with the possibility of more than one sheet. 


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The poster screens.



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