More about avian research

Last changed: 19 May 2020

We do research and educate with a focus on nutrition, housing and management of meat-type chickens and laying hens. Our goal is to conduct essential research of high impact in order to find new approaches in the production of eggs and chicken meat that can strengthen animal welfare and competitiveness, and at the same time reduce the environmental cost. The products, eggs and meat, should be safe to consume and be of high quality from a consumer perspective. Our research comprises both conventional and alternative production systems (e.g., organic) for layers and meat-type chickens. 

Key areas:

  • Alternative sources of protein in conventional and organic poultry production, respectively
  • Effects on poultry gut health of bio-active compounds in the feed
  • The impact of probiotics on gut microbiota in poultry
  • Reduction of Campylobacter in meat-type chickens by alternative feeding strategies
  • Housing and management of meat-type chickens and layers
  • Improved management and nutrition of new hatched chickens
  • Condemnations at slaughter of meat-type chickens
  • Effects of nutrition, housing and bird age on egg quality
  • Environmental impact of poultry production