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About us

The Analysis Laboratory is a key activity at the Department. We perform analyses through the entire chain from the production of feed, through effects in the animal to the quality of the final products. With a high level of expertise and modern equipment, we can provide a wide range of analyses, useful for evaluation of feed at manufacture, as well as in evaluating how feed materials affect animal metabolism.

Our samples often consist of:

  • feed and raw materials of various kinds, for example roughage, concentrates, cereals, various plant materials, mussels, silage press juice etc.
  • milk, meat, eggs and fish
  • blood and tissue samples
  • urine and faeces

We also perform analysis work for external customers. Contact us if you have samples that you want to analyse.

Published: 01 October 2021 - Page editor: marie.liljeholm@slu.se

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HUV Analysis Laboratory


SLU, Department of Animal Nutrition and Management
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