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Last changed: 01 October 2021
Close-up feed samples of rapeseed and peas. Photo.

At our lab we can analyse “everything” all the way from raw material through feed, animal response and to the finished product.

We focus on analysis of feed and milk, but also faeces, blood and other samples from animals in the research experiments. Our aim is to support research and teaching.

We analyse samples for our own department and also for many other departments at SLU, which are engaged in animal and feed production, such as forage cultivation. In our modern facilities we also do analyses for external customers. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have samples that you want to analyse!

Exemples of our analyses:

  • dry matter
  • ash
  • crude protein according to Kjeldahl
  • soluble N and fiber bound N
  • ammonium N
  • free amino acids
  • nitrate/nitrite
  • buffer capacity for ensiling
  • different fiber fractions such as NDF, ADF, lignin and crude fiber
  • starch and sugar fractions
  • EG-fat
  • fatty acids
  • volatile fatty acids (VFA)
  • VOS (in vitro organic matter digestibility)
  • ruminal degradation with the in sacco method
  • gas in vitro measurement of degradation kinetics in rumen and hindgut
  • ELISA analysis

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