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Last changed: 01 October 2021
Green artemia. Photo.

Testing a huge collection of bioactive compounds following different combinations in fish can be labour-intensive, time-consuming, and most importantly expensive. The Artemia testing system allows reducing these extensive experiments by carrying out high-throughput prescreening experiments with a considerable number of replicates and/or treatments, the findings of which will assist us in selecting a few interesting combinations of compounds for further (validation) experiments on the target fish.

We can offer a variety of testings on Artemia in our lab:


1. Fast live-animal screening/testing of:

i. Plant- and microbial-derived bioactive compounds
ii. Pathogenic bacteria
iii. Probiotics and prebiotics
iv. Yeasts and yeast-derived products
v. Microplastic pollutants and other toxicants
vi. Single cell proteins
vii. Byproducts from treated organic wastes
viii. Feed additives

2. Genetic and epigenetic studies

i. Short generation time
ii. Availability of bisexual and parthenogenetic populations
iii. Common garden experiments

3. Microbiological studies

i. Germ-free and germ-associated Artemia available
ii. Gut microbiota studies

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