Our equipment

Last changed: 02 October 2023

We offer innovative solutions for small-scale feed production. Our equipment is specially designed to meet the needs of research and product development. Our equipment allows us to create customised feed blends and explore different recipes to meet your unique requirements.

Twin-Screw Extruder TSE 20/40

The central equipment at FTL is our twin-screw extruder. Our extruder shares the same design as the large industrial extrusion machines used by the feed and food industry but on a significantly smaller and more adaptable scale. Interchangeable screw configurations and six different heating zones make this extruder highly flexible. This equipment is well-suited for producing pelleted dry feed for research and product development. This extruder is suitable for producing 0.5 to 20 kg of feed per hour, with pellet diameters ranging from 1 to 8 mm.

Amandus Kahl mini GVC vacuum coater

We also have access to technology for gentle vacuum coating of pellets, enabling adding oils and liquids to the extruded feed. It is also possible to incorporate heat-sensitive water-soluble and oil-soluble additives during this stage.

TEKPRO Holmen NHP 100 Pellet Tester

Our Holmen pellet tester provides the ability to predict the durability of the feed during transport and handling. The feed's durability can be evaluated through a quick test, providing a reliable durability index.

Amandus Kahl Pellet Hardness Tester

Our pellet hardness tester evaluates the hardness of the feed. A simple test determines the quality of the produced feed, allowing conclusions about the production process.

Other Equipment

Other equipment includes a small-scale hammer mill, mixing equipment, a steam oven, and a drying cabinet.


FTL is always striving for improvement and expansion. Therefore, we plan to expand our equipment in the future.  Precision mixing equipment, a liquid dozer, a preconditioner, a micro pulveriser and a practical size distribution analyser are planned for in the future.



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