Our equipment

Last changed: 01 October 2021

At our laboratory we use extrusion technology and pelleting with preparation of experimental compound feed batches for fish, pets and other monogastric animals as core activity. The central piece of equipment is the twin-screw extruder Ketse 20/40 from Brabender, suitable for producing 0.5 to 20 kg of feed per hour, with the pellet diameter of 1 to 8 mm.


The extruder features design similar to large, industry-scale extruders used by the feed and food industry, while on a considerable smaller scale. It has interchangeable screw configuration suitable for a number of applications with six heating zones and high starch cooking ability. This makes it highly suitable for production of compound dry feeds for research purposes.

The lab also features a single-screw bench press for producing 100 g to 5 kg batches of pelleted feed. In suitable scenarios, steam oven is used on pelleted feed for activation of starch and fortification.


Vacuum coating technology available through a gentle vacuum coater (GVC) from Amandus Kahl enables addition of oils and liquids into the extruded feed. It is also possible to add heat sensitive water and/or oil soluble additives during this step.

Physical pellet quality is measured by analysis
of specific pellet density, pellet hardness, water velocity and durability
(Holmen) with a goal of providing the optimal pellet quality.


Other accompanying equipment includes a small capacity hammer mill, various mixing equipment, steaming oven and a drying cabinet.




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