Our services at FTL

Last changed: 09 October 2023

We offer a unique ability for complete evaluation of new and sustainable feed sources in animal nutrition.


A feed bowl with cat feed. Photo.

Feed Optimization and Consultation

We create and evaluate feed formulations tailored to your projects and needs. Whether you are exploring new ingredients, testing taste preferences, or optimizing nutritional content, we are here to assist you.

Close up of Ketse extruder. Photo.

Small-Scale Feed Production

We provide small-scale feed production with advanced equipment, perfect for research purposes and product development. Create and test your own feed blends with us.

A girl from behind in a laboratory. Photo.

Nutritional Value Analysis

We conduct comprehensive analyses of the nutritional value of your feed and its ingredients. Get precise data to improve the quality of your feed.

A hand with extruded pelleted feed. Photo.

Feed Quality Analysis

We perform thorough quality analyses of your feed to ensure it meets the highest standards.


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