Research in monogastric animals

Last changed: 05 October 2020

Our research and education in monogastric animals comprise nutritional physiology, feed evaluation (nutritional and anti-nutritional factors), and impact of nutrition on health and performance (exercise, growth, lactation) in different management systems. We are currently working mainly with pigs and horses, and have recently started research capacity building in fish nutrition.

The research includes whole animal studies as well as studies of at organ and cellular level. The focus in our work is nutrient metabolism and nutrient utilization, and the impact of anti-nutritional substances in the feed on nutrition, health and performance. In the context of nutrition and health, we are interested in functional properties of the feed. Applied research, mainly on nutrient and energy metabolism, nutrient utilisation and fluid balance, is an important part of our work. As part of our research, we also continuously develop analytical methods and animal models.