More information about our reindeer research

Last changed: 26 August 2021

Our goal is to develop knowledge that strengthens the long-term sustainability of reindeer husbandry and provides tools that help the industry to cope with external stress from natural factors as well as other industry and human activities on the land.

We perform research and education within the topic reindeer husbandry and reindeer biology. The research focuses on production conditions of the reindeer husbandry and interaction with the surrounding world.


Key areas:

  • Effects of large carnivores (especially bear) on reindeer, preventive measures and possible effects of these measures on reindeer health, welfare and production
  • Reindeer habitat selection, activity pattern and production related to disturbances and other land use (eg wind power and mining)
  • Collaboration with other departments in animal husbandry within research on extensive pastures (eg specific project Gotlandsruss)
  • Reindeer health and welfare
  • Publication of the scientific journal Rangifer


Arctic Ungulate Conference 2019

The AUC conference focus on research issues mainly related to reindeer, caribou and muskox in a broad perspective. August 12-16 in Jokkmokk.

Many grazing reindeer in the summer. Photo.