Test fishing in streams

Last changed: 10 December 2011

The Swedish Electrofishing Register

The Department of Aquatic Resources in Örebro is among other duties responsible for the results from electrofishing in running waters carried out in Sweden. The database is generally called the Swedish Electrofishing RegiSter (SERS). Whoever performs an electrofishing study are obliged to report to SERS, where the results are quality controlled and subsequently stored in the database.

The electrofishing programmes run in the national and regional environmental monitoring and follow-up of freshwater liming are financed by the government and there is a compulsory demand to report to SERS. To increase the representativeness of the database, the results from electrofishing occasions performed by other parts and/or projects are also stored.

The database started in 1989 and consists today of 47 000 results from electrofishing occasions distributed on 15 500 sites. The majority of these electrofishing occasions have been carried out within the county boards environmental monitoring and liming follow-up programmes, but also other authorities and organisations have contributed. The administration of the database is financed by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.