Fish Genetics Laboratory (FiskGen)

Last changed: 29 December 2017

FiskGen makes genetic analyses of fish and shellfish and is situated at the Institute of Freshwater Research in Drottningholm. Our research and analysis focus on the identification of the genetic structure of fish and shellfish populations.

Knowledge of how species are divided into different populations is of great importance when preparing management plans, not least to ensure sustainable fishing and to maintain genetic diversity in our fish fauna. We are also investigating genetic and ecological effects of fish stocking, and to what extent exploitation from fisheries in the long run affect the important characteristics of fish such as growth rate and age at which reproduction occurs. We are also monitoring the genetic status of endangered species and reared strains.

We mainly use microsatellites as genetic markers. The species so far analyzed are crayfish, pikeperch, grayling, salmon, char, catfish, whitefish, vendace, eel and trout.

External assignments

FiskGen also performs genetic analysis on behalf of county administrations, fishing organisations, fishing conservation organisations, among others. Please contact us for pricing.


Johan Dannewitz, Stefan Palm and Linda Söderberg


Stefan Palm, PhD, researcher
Department of Aquatic Resources/Division of diadromous species/Institute of Freshwater Research, SLU, +46 10-478 42 49

Linda Söderberg, research assistant
Department Aquatic Resources/Institute of Freshwater Research, SLU
                         , +46(0)10 478 42 68