The Vessel U/F Asterix

Last changed: 11 December 2018

The research vessel Asterix belongs to the Institute of Fresh Water Research (Drottningholm, Stockholm) and is used for research and monitoring in the largest lakes in Sweden (e.g. Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren and Hjälmaren).

Asterix is also suitible for missions along the coasts and is possible to lease when not in use by the SLU.

Asterix is equipped for hydro-acoustic surveys, trawling, net fishing and other sample-taking methods (water, plankton, benthic fauna, etc.). 


Stigfjord 40, yr 2002
Length/width: 11.96 m / 3.91 m
Engine: diesel; 450 hp

Equipment onboard

Trawl, hydraulic net winch and a winch for smaller equipments.
Plotter for nautical chart, GPS, acoustic depth finder, research sonar, radar, radio

Facilities onboard

Toilet and shower
Five bunk-beds
Gas stove, refrigerators and freezers, both for food and field samples
Security equipment for four persons


Deep-going 1,3 m
Ground speed ~10 knot.
Licensed for traffic within 20 nautical miles from coastline.


Thomas Axenrot, Researcher
Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Freshwater Research, SLU, +46 (0)10-478 42 13

Sara Bergek, Head of division
Department of Aquatic Resources/Division of diadromous species/Institute of Freshwater Research, SLU, +46 10-478 41 14

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