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Last changed: 16 December 2020

The database KUL, with data from fishing with net and fyke net in coastal Waters, has been in use since year 2006 and provides quality assured catch data of coastal fish. The base also store information such as individual gender, length, weight and age. The database complements the internal database FiRRe, which stores data collected since the 1960s. Continuous work is done to transfer older data to the database KUL. The database is in Swedish.

Data Hosting
Since 1996, the former Swedish Board of Fisheries was hosting coastal fish data for the Environmental Protection Agency. After the agency changes in 2011, the SLU's Department of Aquatic Resources became data host for fish data, on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

The hosting of fish data means that all the results collected in the coastal test fishing within the national and regional environmental monitoring program is published and can be downloaded from our website. When publishing data from the database, one should indicate that data were developed within the framework of Swedish environmental monitoring.

Selections and exports from database are done below (in swedish):

Overview of published data shows an extract from the database.

Instructions for searching the database (only swedish version).

When report withdrawal from the database KUL, selection including sampled county, sampling site and year is made in the table header. Arrow symbols makes you move between pages and reports.

Long-term monitoring test fishing is conducted with standardized methodology. Read more about the survey methodology and data collection.

Fact sheets
For a number of sampling sites, where long-term fish sampling are conducted, assessed results are compiled and presented in Fact Sheets.


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