Research facilities

Last changed: 08 July 2016

At the Fisheries Research Station in Älvkarleby we have unique advanced facilities for research and experiments. SLU has ongoing research projects and we welcome researchers from other departments.

The river Dalälven

The Fisheries Research Station has access to the lower part of the river Dalälven, from Älvkarleby down to the sea.

The field station at Hyttön

At the field station at Hyttön there are two natural ponds, one with an area of 15 ha and the smaller one is 5 ha. The ponds are used for both research as well as production of 1 year old salmon and trout.


Kungsådran - a restored part of the river Dalälven. In its upper part all migrating fish is caught. This provides the ability to efficiently capture migratory fish in large-scale projects. Electrofishing and other sampling methods can be done.


An embanked part of the river Dalälven where incoming and outgoing water can be controlled. Försöksälven is suitable for large-scale trials.


This little stream is artificial with adjustable water flow (0-150 l / s) and a controlled inlet and outlet.


Strömakvariet is the largest aquarium of running water in Europe. With a water capacity of 35 000 liters, three different water qualities and an adjustable current velocity it is well constructed for carrying out studies of e.g. spawning salmon and trout.


A facility with trays that can be extended to a continuous "stream", or sections with running water.


Ann-Britt Florin, Head of Division
Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Coastal Research, SLU, +46 10 478 41 22

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