Research on Sander migration in Lake Storsjön, Sandviken - spring/summer 2013

Last changed: 18 April 2017

What do I do if I catch a tagged sander?

If you catch a tagged sander it must be released! Please report:

  • The ID of the tag
  • Date and exact time of the release of the fish
  • The location of the fish (coordinates) 
  • If the fish had any visible damages or if it was damaged during the catch-and-relase event 

If the fish for some reason had to be killed it is very important that we can retract the tag!

Gös i Storsjön
Photo: Tomas Loreth

More information about the project

Whats the story?

During the upcoming spring/summer of 2013, researchers from SLU together with Sportfiskarna and Storsjöns Fiskevårdsområdesförening will carry out an extensive field study on Sander in Lake Storsjön. The experiment aims to study the movements of this species in a Swedish lake typical for the species and to assess the influence of catch-and-release on its behavior and mortality. The results will give important possibilities to improve recommendations on management of sander stocks.

Why is Lake Storsjön crowded with buoys?
In total 30 buoys have been deployed in Lake Storsjön. They are used to mark the location of acoustic receivers that log the acoustic signals from the tagged fish. These (circa 30 in total) will be out on the lake from May to mid-August. It is of utmost important that the receivers are not moved from their locations. If a receiver for some reason has been moved from its current location please contact us! The exact coordinates of the receivers are essential for calculating the movements of the fish.

How can I find out more about the results?
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Preliminary results will also be posted on this website during autumn/winter of 2013.