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The Department of Aquatic Resources has a long tradition of collecting data on fish and fishing. Collection and storage of data is important for all our operations and gives us the necessary support to develop good management advice. The databases are also used as research material and reference data. Data collection is a requirement and a base for our national and international commitments and a valuable basis for our cooperation with the outside world.

Databases - National

The SLU's Department of Aquatic Resources are, on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, data host for fish data collected in both national and regional environmental monitoring.

Databases - International

We participate in the International Council of Marine Research, ICES, work with stock assessment and development of biological advice to management. We also implement commitments to the EU Data Collection Regulation and delivers data to international databases such as Fish Frame, DATRAS and Intercatch. The database Fiskdata is a central database for these tasks.

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