Courses on fish monitoring techniques and laboratory animal science at SLU

Last changed: 29 March 2021
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Fish monitoring (fishing surveys) is regarded as animal experimentation according to Swedish legislation. In order to sample fish for monitoring purposes you need an approved application for animal experimentation and you also need to have requisite education and training. Welcome to study at the Department of Aquatic Resources!

SLU arranges courses in fish monitoring, using four different techniques: Electro-fishing, Multi-mesh gillnets, Trawling + hydroacoustics and Other methods.

In order to participate in our fish monitoring courses, you need to pass the course Swedish Legislation, Ethics and Animal Use. This course is included when you log into the learning platform.

Laboratory Animal Science – Fish monitoring techniques: theory and practical training

1. Theory

  • The theoretical parts are web-based, and the courses are possible to do at any time of the year.
  • You choose one or more of the following fish monitoring techniques: Electro-fishing, Multi-mesh gillnets, Trawling + hydroacoustics and Other methods. NOTE: These courses are held in Swedish, English versions will be available in the future.

2. Practical training

  • The Department of Aquatic Resources arrange the practical training in Älvkarleby, Stockholm (Drottningholm), Öregrund or Lysekil. NOTE! All four techniques are not available at all places.

 Kursplan (pdf) (Note: in swedish only)

Applying for the course Laboratory Animal Science – Fish monitoring techniques

You apply for Laboratory Animal Science by contacting Erik Petersson, see e-mail address below.

When applying you should give:

  • Personal identification number (personnummer: YYMMDD)
  • Name
  • Adress

After you have applied you will get an email with instructions and password for the web-based course.

Course fee and certificate

  • The fees for the theoretical course and the practical training are 1 500 SEK respectively.
  • Costs for travel, board and lodging are not included.
  • We will send you an invoice for the courses by email. Certificates will be sent by emailed as soon as we have recieved the fees and you have passed the tests.


Erik Petersson, Professor
Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Freshwater Research, SLU, +46 10-478 42 39