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Last changed: 12 September 2019

Here you can see where Svea is right now, what she is currently doing as well as expeditions future and past. The map is from the website

If the map isn't working or if you can't see the vessel please search for the vessel's MMSI number 265009000 at

Past and future expeditions

SLU, Bias, 2019

Expedition: Bias, Baltic International Acoustic Survey

Time period: 8 to 27 of October (including calibration and transit)

Start: Lysekil, Sweden

End: Lysekil, Sweden

Organization: SLU, Department of Aquatic Resources (SLU Aqua)

Coordinator: Niklas Larson, SLU Aqua

Contact: +46(0)10-478 40 33;

Area: The Baltic Sea and the Bothnian Sea

About the expedition: Bias is performed annualy in September or October and is an international undertaking coordinated by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (Ices). In the expedition the amounts of herring and sprat in the seas are measured using trawl fishing, sonars and echo sounders.

SLU, marine protected areas - Bratten, 2019

Expedition: Monitoring of marin protected areas - Bratten, 2019

Time period: November 4th to 8th

Start: Lysekil, Sweden

End: Lysekil, Sweden

Organization: SLU, Department of Aquatic Resources(SLU Aqua)

Coordinator: Mattias Sköld

Contact: +46 (0)10-478 40 46;

Area: Skagerrak

About the expeditionen: Monitoring of biodiversity in the marine protected area Bratten, Skagerrak with ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and towed video camera.

SLU, Bits, Q4 2019

Expedition: Bits, Baltic International Trawl Survey

Time: November 19th to December 1st (including back-up days)

Start: Lysekil

End: Ystad

Organization: SLU, Department of Aquatic Resources(SLU Aqua)

Coordinator: Olof Lövgren, SLU Aqua

Contakt: +46 (0)10-478 40 55;

Area: The Baltic Sea

About the expeditionen: BITS is performed twice annualy, in the first and last quarter. The expeditionen is done in cooperation with a number of other states around the Baltic. The main objective is to collect data about populations of cod and flounder. Information is registered about all fish caught during the expedition.

SMHI, offshore expedition, December 2019

Expedition: SMHI, offshore expedition, December 2019

Time period: December 4th to 16th

Start: Ystad, Sweden

End: Lysekil, Sweden

Organization: SMHI

Coordinator: Anders Hulthén

Contact: +46 (0)31-751 89 16,

Area: Skagerrak, Kattegatt, Öresund and The Baltic proper

About the expeditionen: The expedition is part of the Swedish national marine monitoring program. The December expedition includes a mapping of nutrients in The Gulf of Bothnia.


Contact the ship management unit if you are interested in using R/V Svea. It may be possible to join an already planned expedition. This is assessed by the party that has booked the expedition.

Research coordinator, ship management unit

Mattias Sköld, +46 (0)10-478 40 46,


Johan Thorburn, Communications Officer
Ship Management Unit, +46 (0)18-67 21 93, +46 (0)722-24 85 44

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