Climate change effects on food webs in sub-arctic lakes (Master)

Last changed: 17 February 2022

This project studies how climate change affects communities and food webs in arctic/alpine lakes. It consists of laboratory experiments with benthic communities with algae, bacteria and grazers.

Climate change is resulting in changes in nutrient and organic matter input to lakes from their surrounding catchment. In this project, you will investigate the effect of these changes on food web processes in benthic communities consisting of algae, bacteria and grazers. Relevant research questions include e.g.

  • How does food quantity and food quality change if inorganic nutrient and/or organic matter concentrations change?
  • What effect do these changes have on primary consumer growth and food web efficiency?

These questions will be addressed in laboratory experiments under controlled conditions. The methods will include C and N stable isotope analysis, fatty acid analysis, microscopic analysis of benthic communities, culturing techniques and statistical methods for data analysis. The project will contribute with knowledge on climate change effects on food webs in sub-arctic lakes.


Intended as a Master thesis project in Biology or Environmental Science (30 credits/20 weeks or 60 credits/40 weeks).

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