Future water management (Bachelor/Master)

Last changed: 29 January 2021

With your own and existing data, you will produce a basis for reducing eutrophication in two lakes in Uppland with large local involvement.

The requirements for future water management in Sweden will increase when national goals for food production are to be achieved at the same time as Sweden must fulfill the demands from the EU Water Framework Directive on good ecological status in al waterbodies.

This thesis is based on quantifying the internal load in lakes Vansjön and Nordsjön in northwestern Uppland and proposing concrete measures to reduce eutrophication while maintaining land use.

The main focus is how water management and landowners can work with internal load and natural retention in lakes / water systems in the agricultural landscape to reduce eutrophication.

The work can include both sampling in the field, laboratory work and analysis of existing data.


  • Main subject area: Environmental science
  • Level and length: basic level (Bachelor, 15 hp / 10 weeks) or advanced level (Master, 30 hp / 20 weeks)