Measuring acid episodes with sensors (Bachelor/Master)

Last changed: 29 January 2021

With in-situ installed sensors you can measure acid episodes, usually missed in ordinary monitoring.

Acidification in lakes and watercourses caused by acid rain is one of our most extensive environmental problems in Sweden. Despite a sharp reduction in acid deposition, there are still effects seen in aquatic ecosystems.

In watercourses, biology is mainly governed by conditions during short episodes with acidic conditions during high flows. These acid episodes are often missed in the ordinary environmental monitoring. Therefore, sensors have recently begun to be used that measure water chemistry continuously directly in the watercourse.

This thesis is based on evaluating data from two such studies in Jämtland and Värmland, and in laboratory tests comparing the pH electrodes used in the field with those normally used in the lab.


  • Main subject area: Environmental science or Chemistry
  • Level and length: basic level (Bachelor, 15 hp / 10 weeks) or advanced level (Master, 30 hp / 20 weeks)