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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Environmental monitoring of lakes and watercourses

We have a central role in the monitoring of lakes and watercourses in Sweden. We conduct these tasks on commission by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Water Agencies, various county administrations, municipitalities, water care unions and water unions.

We are also data hosts for hydrochemical and biological data from lakes and watercourses, as tasked by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Two maps over Sweden with subcatchments in different colour codes. Illustration.

National environmental monitoring

We have been engaged in the national environmental monitoring of lakes and watercourses for over 50 years. We are also national data hosts for parts of the freshwater monitoring.

The national monitoring of lakes and watercourses is described by Fölster, Johnson, Futter och Wilander "The Swedish monitoring of surface waters: 50 Years of adaptive monitoring". Several other articles about the Swedish environmental monitoring is available in the same volume of Ambio (2014:42, open access).

Diver at the water surface among yellow water-lilys. A rowing boat in the backgroud. Photo.

Regional environmental monitoring

The regional and local environmental monitoring is conducted on commission by various stakeholders and may serve several purposes, such as providing time series of reference character and monitoring various kinds of impact.

Published: 02 April 2020 - Page editor: Maria.Kahlert@slu.se