Last changed: 25 August 2022

In addition to research and education, SLU has the government's mandate to conduct continuous environmental analysis. SLU monitors the country's forests, agricultural landscapes, lakes, waterways and species to analyze environmental developments. The results are used to follow up Sweden's environmental goals and requirements from international agreements. SLU assists authorities, businesses and international bodies with the basis for decisions that should lead to sustainable development. The university has chosen to organize the work in programs that are connected to the Swedish environmental goals.

KV's current project within ongoing environmental analysis

Mink monitoring

The wild mink as an indicator of reproduction-disrupting chemicals in the environment. Several of the chemicals spread in nature by humans have been shown in animal experiments to be able to damage reproduction. In this project, which is financed by SLU's funds for Continuing Environmental Analysis, we investigate the possibilities of using the wild mink - which is high up in the food chain, is spread, and is hunted, all over Sweden - as an indicator species to partly measure chemical pollution in the environment and partly their possible effects on the reproductive system.
Project manager: Sara Persson