Research in veterinary epidemiology

Last changed: 14 July 2021

Our research focus is on applying epidemiological methods to identify factors in the environment, the management and in the animal itself that affect the health, wellbeing and performance of populations of animals.

Possibilities for preventive actions and to promote good animal health and welfare are therefore improved by our research. While the clear focus is the promotion of health of animal populations, our research is also benefitting the society. We have a strong multidisciplinary approach and one effort is to combine social sciences, including qualitative methods and animal health economics, with population medicine.

The research is based on available secondary databases, many of which are unique for Sweden, but also on large-scale field studies designed and conducted for specific research projects. Improving data quality and usefulness is an important part of the research and validating existing databases and fostering proper design of field studies are therefore key components. Research is performed on several species including dairy cows, horses, pigs, dogs and cats.


Karin Alvåsen, Post doc,
Agneta Egenvall, Professor,
Ulf Emanuelson, Professor,
Nils Fall, Researcher,
Karin Sjöström, Post-graduate student
Lena-Mari Tamminen, Post-graduate student,
Dorota Anglart, Post-graduate student,


Antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance in organic dairy herds
Project leader: Ulf Emanuelson

Risk-factors for super-shedding of E. coli O157:H7 (VTEC O157) in cattle
Project leader: Ulf Emanuelson

IMPRO – Impact matrix analysis and cost-benefit calculations to improve management practices regarding health status in organic dairy farming
Project leader: Ulf Emanuelson

MINAPIG - Evaluation of alternative strategies for raising pigs with minimal antimicrobial usage: Opportunities and constraints
Project leader: Ulf Emanuelson

Why is longevity not increasing in Swedish dairy cows?
Project leader: Ulf Emanuelson

Mortality in Swedish dairy cows
Project leader: Ulf Emanuelson

Viral infections in organic dairy herds - risks, biosecurity and resiliency
Project leader: Nils Fall

Equine welfare in riding
Project leader. Agneta Egenvall

Improved claw trimming information
Project leader: Ulf Emanuelson

Evolutionary management systems in large dairy herds - a way to improve udder health
Project leader: Ulf Emanuelson