Research in Computational Genetics

Last changed: 15 November 2013

The research in the Division of Computational Genetics aims to understand how genetic variation in populations regulates traits of importance in human- and veterinary medicine, agricultural production and adaptation in nature. The work is done by in-depth analyses of new experimental datasets that we collect ourselves or by re-analyses of data collected by others. A significant portion of the work is devoted to the development of novel analytical methods, algorithms and tools for advanced genetic analyses, including e.g. strategies for identifying and understanding how interactions between genes contributes genetic architecture of complex traits.


Muhammad Ahsan
Monika Brandt
Örjan Carlborg
Simon Forsberg
Stefan Marklund
Ronald Nelson
Xia Shen
Zheya Sheng

Ongoing projects

New insights in complex trait genetics - a key for the sustainable use of biological resources
Project leader: Örjan Carlborg

Understanding the biology of multifactorial traits – unique animal models and novel bioinformatic tools lead the way
Project leader: Örjan Carlborg

FastRgene - a new R based software for complex trait genetic analyses
Project leader: Örjan Carlborg

An evaluation of the effects of long-term selection on the genetic architecture of multifactorial traits
Project leader: Örjan Carlborg

Interdisciplinary leadership in complex trait genetics
Project leader: Örjan Carlborg