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Ruminants clinic, SLU

The ruminants clinic offers veterinary care that includes diagnostics as well as medical and surgical treatment of animal species cattle, sheep and goats. We receive referred cases for educational purposes, as well as provide support to veterinarians in areas such as disease problems at individual and herd level, disease prevention and production optimization.

We receive both urgent and non-urgent referrals on weekdays between 8-16 with the exception of holidays, Christmas and Easter holidays.

Contact us at: 018-671929

Published: 18 August 2021 - Page editor: susanne.pettersson@slu.se

Kontakta Idisslarkliniken

Klinikansvarig: Jean-Francois Valarcher

E-postadress: Idisslarkliniken@slu.se

Akuttelefon: 018 – 67 1929

Besöksadress: SLU Idisslarkliniken, Ultunaallén 3, 756 51 Uppsala
Godsmottagning: Almas allé 4 c, 756 51 Uppsala (öppet mån-fre kl 07.30 - 15.30)