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The Department of Crop Production Ecology provides education in the biology and ecology of cultivated crops and their production. The Department also provides courses on how production methods and cultivation systems affect yield level, end product and the surrounding environment. We have about 10 PhD students.

Undergraduate studies

We offer courses at Bachelor´s and Master´s level.

Our courses (only those available in English, see our Swedish page for our other courses)


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Independent student projects

Do you want to do your master's or bachelor's thesis at our department?

We publish our suggestions for student projects in SLU´s career portal.

You are also welcome to contact the teacher/researcher that you think knows most about the subject that you are interested in or, director of undergraduate studies.

Read student projects

You´ll find completed student projects  via the database Epsilon.

Postgraduate studies

Are you interested in a becoming a PhD student? All our posititons are announced at New PhD students wanted

Research School

The research schools at SLU organise courses, seminars and workshops. The majority of them are transdisciplinary and/or thematically organised. The Department of Crop Production Ecology is active in the research school:

Ecology - its basics and applications

But there are many other interesting research schools at SLU

Doctoral theses

You can find theses from the department via the database Epsilon.

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Robert Glinwood, researcher, director of post graduate studies
Department of Crop Production Ecology, SLU  018-672342        

Birgitta Båth, researcher, director of undergraduate studies, deputy Head of Department
Department of Crop Production Ecology  018-672310