Organisation of the CLAP project

Last changed: 02 May 2022
 Woman among green deciduous trees

The CLAP project is a collaboration between SLU, UPSC and the biotechnology company Swee Tree Technologies with an SLU Professor as coordinator.

This project brings together major expertise in Populus growth, management and breeding research.

Project leaders

Martin Weih, Professor in plant ecology at SLU and coordinator of the CLAP project

Martin specialised in the ecology and eco-physiology of perennial biomass crops including Populus; he is the project coordinator and lead the subproject Phenotypic traits, climate and biomass production.

Almir Karacic, Researcher at SLU

Almir specializes on Populus growth and silviculture; he will perform most of the work in the subproject Phenotypic traits, climate and biomass production.

Giulia  Vico, Associate Professor in ecology at SLU

Giulia specialized in modeling resource use in managed and natural ecosystems from daily to multi-year time scales; she will lead the subproject Matching plant traits to climate – a modelling approach.

Pär Ingvarsson, professor in evolutionary genetics at Umeå University and UPSC

Pär is an expert in the molecular genetics of adaptive traits including the photoperiodic control of phenology traits in Populus; he will be responsible for the subproject Genetics and breeding tools.

Ann-Christin Rönnberg-Wästljung, Associate Professor in forest genetics at SLU

Ann-Christin specialised in the genetics and breeding mainly of Salix (taxonomically closely related to Populus); she contributes to the subproject Genetics and breeding tools.

Anneli Adler, Researcher at Swee Tree Technology

Anneli has a research background in the ecology and management of biomass crops including Populus; she will the subproject Implementation and business plan, assisted by other staff at Swee Tree Technology.

Swee Tree Technologies provides products and technologies to improve productivity and performance of plants and wood for forest owners and fiber-related industries. STT cooperates with a number of companies (e.g. Billerud-Korsnäs and Bergvik Skog in Sweden, Int. Paper in Poland, Bergvik SIA and SILAVA in Latvia, Euromediena in Lithuania), whose representatives will be invited to the project advisory group, together with representatives from other stakeholders and academia.


CLAP stands for Climate-Adapted Poplar through more efficient breeding and better tools for matching genotype and site – developing the poplar bio-economy market in Sweden and the Baltic.

This project is funded by a grant from the Swedish Research Council Formas.


Martin Weih, Professor
Department of Crop Production Ecology, SLU 018-672543