Genetics and breeding tools

Last changed: 02 May 2022

The aims of this subprojects are to study genetic parameters of phenology traits as heritabilities, genetic correlations and to estimate breeding values of parental individuals. This information is important for the selection and breeding of new well-adapted clonal material.

In this project, we will also look at the genotype and environment (GxE) interactions to understand the environmental responses of the material and if breeding for specific climatic zones is needed. We also aim to develop a set of genetic markers targeting known candidate genes for phenology traits that can directly probe the underlying variation at these loci.

SweeTree Technologies will participate in this subproject to learn how to use marker assisted selection (MAS) in commercial breeding and to estimate the economic costs related to MAS.


Pär Ingvarsson, Professor
Umeå University and UPSC, 070-8485977

Ann-Christin Rönnberg Wästljung, Associate Professor
Department of Plant Biology, SLU, 018-673316