Implementation and business plan

Last changed: 02 May 2022
 Tall deciduous trees in straight rows.

The main goal of this subproject is to develop an economically sound plan for a sustainable business based on renewable biomass from short rotation forestry. This is an essential link for the conversion of natural science results into viable support of a bio-based economy.

Specifically, based on the results and projections from this project, we will estimate the business and market potential of SRF with fast-growing and frost-hardy deciduous species (model tree Populus) in a future bio-based economy. Scientific knowledge about current and future yield potential and genotype-site match (affecting yield and cropping security) of relevant Populus genotypes across various environments in Sweden and the Baltic will be essential inputs to such business plan.


SweTree Technologies (STT) provides innovative technologies to significantly improve the value and productivity of trees.

STT are a plant and forest biotechnology company providing products and technologies to improve the productivity and performance properties of plants and wood for forest owners and fiber related industries.

Their vision is to be one of the world-leading providers of new technologies based on biological knowledge for tree plant producers and forest owners globally.