Phenotypic traits, climate and biomass production

Last changed: 02 May 2022
Man is standing among trees.

In this subproject, we will screen relevant poplar phenology traits important for biomass production (e.g. spring bud break, autumn bud set and leaf shedding) across various sites in the Nordic-Baltic region, These traits will then be related to climate data, frost damage and biomass production.

To meet these goals, we will develop a mathematical mechanistic model, describing poplar biomass growth as a function of climatic conditions and specific traits. The model will link leaf-level traits to biomass accumulation, by combining a mechanistic description of the leaf-level activity, including temperature acclimation, with a simple plant resource allocation model.

Map with places in Sweden (south, middle and north coast), Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Russia.,

Green symbols: Trial locations (Table 1). Yellow symbols: Trials used for frost damage assessments (each comprising 5-15 clones, part of the “Poplar Network” – a cooperation among SLU, Swedish farmers and commercial partners); smaller symbols indicate fewer clones.




Almir Karacic, researcher
Department of Crop Production Ecology, SLU, 018-671871