Agricultural Cropping Systems

Last changed: 21 December 2017

The Agricultural Cropping Systems group educate and do research on agricultural crop production with focus on crops, agro-ecosystem function and evaluation of agricultural production systems. We investigate both temperate and tropical cropping and farming systems.

Our goal is cropping systems that better utilizes ecosystem services and where crops can be produced profitably with less environmental impact and resource consumption than today's conventional and organic farming.

We study the production and quality of crops. This includes interactions among crops, environment and cropping practices in terms of production, allocation of resources within crops and product quality.

Another area is agro-ecosystem funktion where we study crop production as a part of farming systems with focus on the multi-functionality of agricultural systems at different scales (field, farm, landscape), e.g. crop diversification to facilitate ecosystem services.


Illustration: Jannie Hagman


Improved statistics in Swedish crop variety testing

Better information about crop varieties for farmers and breeders

Contact: Johannes Forkman, Harimurti Buntaran

The production and quality of crops

Improvement of hybrid evaluation in maize, performance and risk management, Lantmännens forskningsstiftelse, Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning, Partnerskap Alnarp Contact: Magnus Halling

Development of the Swedish variety testing of forage crops, Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning

Contact: Magnus Halling

Influence of sowing time and seed rate on yield of two cultivar types of winter wheat, The Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research

Contact: Jannie Hagman

Boron in ley-crops, with focus on legumes and mineral (nutrient) composition. Formas, SLU, L&P Linse AB

Contact: Lisbeth Linse

Agro-ecosystem functioning

Fertility Building Management Measures in Organic Cropping Systems"– FertilCrop, ERA-net Core Organic Plus (Formas)

Contact: Göran Bergkvist

Effective control of couch grass with reduced nutrient leaching - an adaptation to Integrated Pest Management

Contact: Göran Bergkvist
Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning, EkoForsk

Cut fallow to replace bare fallow

Contact: Göran Bergkvist

Winter wheat overwintering: Risk analysis of winter wheat damage due to frost

Contact: Libére Nkurunziza 

Zero point five tillage - systems with row hoeing, band sowing, band spraying and subsidiary crops

Project may reduce herbicide usage by 80 percent

Kontakt: Göran Bergkvist, Alexander Menegat

Production system evaluation

Approaches for assessment of multiple functions of trees on farms in Western Kenya

Contact: Ylva Nyberg

Assessing farmer decision strategies and farming systems robustness in relation to change and risks (e.g. climate and market)

Contact: Iman Raj Chongtham

Unraveling the causes and implications of crop productivity gaps in underperforming regions through integration of geospatial, biophysical and socio-economic factors

Contact: Ingrid Öborn, SLU/ICRAF World Agroforestry Centre

CGIAR Research program on Integrated Systems for the Humid Tropics 

Contact: Ingrid Öborn, SLU/ICRAF World Agroforestry Centre

Effects of land use change on multifunctionality in agroecosystems: Biodiversity and ecosystem services after transition to organic production

Contact: Göran Bergkvist

Clover/grass leys for biogas in cereal rotations

Kontakt: Göran Bergkvist
Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning

Soil/plant interactions KoN SLU

Contact: Göran Bergkvist

Methods for evaluating and comparing maize as a forage crop for livestock

Contact: Magnus Halling
Vetenskapsrådet (SRLP)

Ensuring food security from field to globe - Climate-related risk and vulnerability to climate change in agricultural systems

Contact: Giulia Vico

Soil and water management in tropical farming systems

Contact: Libére Nkurunziza 

Effects of land use change on multifunctionality in agroecosystems

Contact: Libére Nkurunziza 

The effects of cropping systems including preceding crop, tillage systems and fungicide application, on performance of Winter wheat

Contact: Libére Nkurunziza 

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