Agricultural Cropping Systems

Last changed: 20 December 2019
Clover field.

The Agricultural Cropping Systems group educate and do research on agricultural crop production with focus on crops, agro-ecosystem function and evaluation of agricultural production systems. We investigate both temperate and tropical cropping and farming systems.

Our goal is cropping systems that better utilizes ecosystem services and where crops can be produced profitably with less environmental impact and resource consumption than today's conventional and organic farming.

We study the production and quality of crops. This includes interactions among crops, environment and cropping practices in terms of production, allocation of resources within crops and product quality.

Another area is agro-ecosystem funktion where we study crop production as a part of farming systems with focus on the multi-functionality of agricultural systems at different scales (field, farm, landscape), e.g. crop diversification to facilitate ecosystem services.


Illustration: Jannie Hagman

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