Genotype and environment interplay in crop production

Last changed: 20 May 2019

Major research activities focus on the production ecology and resource use efficiency of agricultural crops and the genetic basis of the underlying crop traits.


Examining the prospects of perennial grain crops for sustainable food production

Contact: Giulia Vico

The Influence of Large-Scale Atmospheric Variability on the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle

Contact: Giulia Vico

Innovative modelling approaches for the identification of boreal forest management strategies under a changing climate

Contact: Giulia Vico

Optimized Utilisation of Salix - OPTUS

Read more about OPTUS

Alternative uses of Salix wood as raw material in production of biofuels and novel bio-chemicals
Contact: Martin Weih

Climate-Adapted Poplar through more efficient breeding and better tools for matching genotype and site – developing the poplar bio-economy market in Sweden and the Baltic (CLAP)

Read more about CLAP

Contact: Martin Weih, Almir Karacic

High and sustainable biomass production of Salix: Bridging molecular genetics, ecophysiology and plant breeding  (SAMBA)

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Contact: Martin Weih
Swedish Energy Agency

Nutrient Efficient Wheat partnership (NEWp)

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A collaborative research project with focus on early root growth, root to shoot ratio and leaf nitrogen content during grain filling of spring wheat

Contact: Martin Weih
NJ fakulteten

Linking individual plant traits to ecosystem processes using a willow model system (ECOLINK-Salix)

Read more about ECOLINK-Salix)

Contact: Martin Weih

Ecological Consequences of Biotechnology in Agriculture  

 Read more about ecological Consequences of Biotechnology in Agriculture  

Contact: Martin Weih
Mistra (del av Mistra Biotech)

AgResource - Resource allocation processes in agriculture: bridging molecular genetics, crop physiology, ecology and rural development 

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Contact: Martin Weih, Giulia Vico
Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences 

Quantifying the trade-offs between ecosystem service provision and water management in rice systems

Contact: Giulia Vico


Martin Weih, Professor
Department of Crop Production Ecology, SLU 018-672543