Weed Biology and Weed Control

Last changed: 12 July 2018

Weed biology is an integrated science with the aim of minimising the negative effects of weeds and of exploiting and promoting positive characteristics in the agroecosystem. It includes the biology and ecology of individual weed species and weed communities.


Zero point five tillage - systems with row hoeing, band sowing, band spraying and subsidiary crops

Project may reduce herbicide usage by 80 percent

Kontakt: Göran Bergkvist, Alexander Menegat

Modelling of annual weeds: Population growth dynamics and competition with black-grass in focus

Contact: Giulia.Vico@slu.se , Alexander.Menegat@slu.se , Ullalena.Bostrom@slu.se , Anneli.Lundkvist@slu.se

Sustainable control of grass weeds – particularly blackgrass

Contact: Lars.Andersson@slu.se

Common Ragweed: Will genetic diversity in photoperiod requirement enable weedy short-day plants to establish or extend their damage niche at northern latitudes?

Contact: Lars.Andersson@slu.se

PRODIVA – Crop diversification and weeds, CoreOrganic Plus

Contact: Anneli.Lundkvist@slu.se, Theo.Verwijst@slu.se

Grategrass: Integrated weed management to increase yield and profitability in forage production

Contact: Anneli.Lundkvist@slu.se, Theo.Verwijst@slu.se

Optimal placement of pelleted organic fertilizer

Contact: Anneli.Lundkvist@slu.se

New applications for the weed mower – mowing of Cirsium arvense and Tripleurospermum inodorum in winter wheat and leys for seed production

Contact: Anneli.Lundkvist@slu.se

Integrated weed control of annual weeds in winter oilseed rape

Contact: Anneli.Lundkvist@slu.se

Electrical Weed Destroyer (EWD) - new technology for mechanical weed control

Contact: Lars Andersson


Lars Andersson, Professor and External Collaboration Specialist in plant production
Department of Crop Production Ecology, SLU
lars.andersson@slu.se, +46 (0)18-67 33 66, +46 (0)70-344 39 76