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Last changed: 02 July 2024
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On behalf of the Arctic Ungulate Society it is a pleasure to announce the 15th Arctic Ungulate Conference to be held in Jokkmokk, Sweden in 12-16 August, 2019. The Arctic Ungulate Society was founded in 1999 with the aim to foster studies of Arctic Ungulates, particularly reindeer/caribou and muskoxen, through the continuation of the quadrannual Arctic Ungulate Conference (AUC).

The 15th conference will consist of several sessions on topics listed below. The conference will host five conference days with a conference excursion to Laponia world heritage area and the visitors centre in Stora Sjöfallet.




AUC is arranged by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) as the main national organizer. Co-organizers are Ájtte Sami and Mountain Museum in Jokkmokk, the National Union of the Swedish Saami People (SSR), the Swedish Sami Parliament and the Nordic Centre of Excellence ReiGN-Reindeer Husbandry in a Globalizing North.

Contact: Professor Birgitta Åhman, Birgitta.ahman@slu.se

Scientific committee

Prof Bigitta Åhman (President of AUS), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Dr Anna Skarin, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Dr Annette Löf, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Prof Jon Moen, Umeå University, Sweden
Dr Olav Strand, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), Norway
Prof Bruce Forbes, University of Lapland, Finland
Dr Christine Cuyler, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Greenland
Dr Taras Sipko, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Science, Russia
Dr Kyle Joly, US National Park Service, Alaska, US
Prof Steeve Coté, Laval University, Canada



Jokkmokk/Jåhkåmåhkke is situated just north of the polar circle and an important heart of reindeer husbandry in the Swedish part of Sapmi. It has been the meeting place for Sami people and others for at least 400 years. Each year in beginning of February Jokkmokk holds one of the world's oldest winter markets.

The 15th Arctic Ungulate Conference will take place in and around Jokkmokk, and the conference sessions will be held in Jokkmokks community hall. There are several options for accommodation (find information on the registration page).

You will reach Jokkmokk by night train from Stockholm or by flight to Luleå airport. The conference will provide bus transfer to and from Luleå airport at the start and end of the conference (find more information on the registration page).

Excursion to Stora sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke, 140 km northwest from Jokkmokk, will bring you to the Laponia World Heritage area. Here, ancient Sámi land use and a spectacular landscape compete with large-scale hydropower development.


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