Last changed: 27 November 2018
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Jokkmokk/Jåhkåmåhkke is situated just north of the polar circle and an important heart of reindeer husbandry in the Swedish part of Sapmi. It has been the meeting place for Sami people and others for at least 400 years. Each year in beginning of February Jokkmokk holds one of the world's oldest winter markets.

The 15th Arctic Ungulate Conference will take place in and around Jokkmokk, and the conference sessions will be held in Jokkmokks community hall. There are several options for accommodation (find information on the registration page).

You will reach Jokkmokk by night train from Stockholm or by flight to Luleå airport. The conference will provide bus transfer to and from Luleå airport at the start and end of the conference (find more information on the registration page).

Excursion to Stora sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke, 140 km northwest from Jokkmokk, will bring you to the Laponia World Heritage area. Here, ancient Sámi land use and a spectacular landscape compete with large-scale hydropower development.


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