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Last changed: 27 March 2023
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This Linneaus Palme Partnership builds on the exchange of landscape architecture and urban design knowledge. SLU Landscape teachers and students benefit from FADU-UBA’s urban design expertise, FADU-UBA Urban Design teachers and students incorporate SLU’s landscape expertise.

Long-term collaboration is assured through a basic yearly structure allowing for continuous common course work, with the aim to enrich each other’s course content. Two master level courses stand central in this exchange, the Planning Project at SLU’s landscape architecture programme, and the Proyecto Urbano in FADU-UBA’s architecture education. Teachers of one university are sent out to the be actively involved in the other university’s course. Contributions are twofold, thematic and methodological, and complement each other. FADU-UBA teachers provide urban design knowledge and offer their experience in creative studio teaching. SLU teachers contribute with landscape architectural knowledge and offer their experience in critical theory and method teaching.

Proyecto Urbano UBA
Networks for socio-territorial integration between Hurlingham communities and Arroyo Moron park


Planning Project SLU
Planning Project 2020 Lokstallarna​ part I
Planning Project 2020 Lokstallarna​ part II

Planning Project 2017 Nyhamnen


Lisa Diedrich, Professor

The Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management, SLU, +46 40-41 54 24