Design Project ‘Site Concept Theory’: Urban Landscapes for Healthy Living

Last changed: 01 June 2020
Cover page of the Book of Ideas

In this design studio, taught in the spring of 2020 for MSc students at Alnarp Campus, the course teachers imagined Malmö City had commissioned SLU to produce a Book of Ideas for Urban Landscape of a Healthy Living. Students were asked to design a set of strategies and corresponding spatial projects to be published in the book.

This was the scenario: Malmö City will continue to be an important and popular city in the Öresund region. Its increasing population is supposed to live within the administrative city boundaries, which means within an increasingly densely built-up urban fabric whose structure needs redefinition in a clever way, in order to provide attractive urban open spaces for life to flourish – for a healthy urban living. How can this be done? What are the urban open spaces Malmö City should create for the future of a healthy living? What qualities should be improved? What new qualities should be added? 

At the end of the course the students’ strategic ideas, design proposals and selected essays were combined in a real Book of Ideas, suggesting to Malmö’s leaders how to make a difference, physically, mentally and socially, in providing urban landscapes for a healthy living. 

Book of Ideas for Urban Landscape of a Healthy Living 

Presentation of fieldwork findings in studio.

Presentation of fieldwork findings in studio. Photo: Lisa Diedrich


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