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Collaboration and analysis of the surrounding world

Research and teaching at SLU has long revolved around the planning, design and management of outdoor environments for children and young people. Important cornerstones include knowledge on the quality of life and social conditions for children and young people in urban and suburban built environments. What opportunities are there for children's play and development? What's the situation with regards independent mobility in the compact city? How can we work with vegetation so that it withstands children's running? And what is it that makes a good schoolyard good? Development in Sweden is following a worldwide trend of increased urbanization, risings levels of ill health among children and young people, the threat of climate change and the quest for a sustainable society.

At SLU, we have now gathered our researchers and teachers under the network Barn och landskap (Children and landscape), in order to meet external needs for knowledge and guidance to improve the environments where children and young people grow up and thus give them the best conditions - simply put, to promote the Quailty of Childhood. This is the portal of those of us engaged in BOL.


Linnea Fridell
Märit Jansson
Lena Jungmark
Åsa Klintborg Ahlklo
Maria Kylin
Anna Litsmark
Fredrika Mårtensson
Kerstin Nordin
Maria Nordström
Titti Olsson
Susan Paget
Anna Robling
Mark Wales
Petter Åkerblom

Published: 07 June 2016 - Page editor: catherine.kihlstrom@gmail.com