Last changed: 26 August 2020

Work package leader: Thomas Randrup Researcher/PhD student: Anna Sunding

Cooperation with: 

Nordregio, Sweden
Aalto University, Finland
Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
Täby Municipality, Sweden
Vilhelmina Municipality, Sweden
Aarhus Municipality, Denmark
Stavanger Municipality, Norway
Espoo Municipality, Finland
Ii Municipality, Finland

Financier: NordForsk

Time period: 2020-2023

Project description:
The Nordgreen project aims to explore connections between health and green space access, and how knowledge of this is implemented in municipal planning and management processes. The challenges of segregated and densifying cities calls for strengthened links between citizen participation and implemented plans promoting high-quality greenspaces providing health and wellbeing.
The project consists of three main work packages’ focus on interlinked issues;

  1. examining the health-greenspace nexus with the help of environmental psychology and epidemiology data, with Norwegian University of Life Sciences in the lead
  2. understanding and integrating citizens’ needs, demands and use of greenspace into the planning process by applying methods of PPGIS, with Aalto University in Finland in the lead
  3. understanding how different approaches to planning and management influence the outcome by analysis of ongoing planning and management processes on both citywide and project based scales, with SLU in the lead

The project is working with existing planning projects in partner cities Aarhus, Espoo, Ii, Stavanger, Täby and Vilhelmina.

The research will result in knowledge-based planning and management tools that are co-created with the collaborating cities, being scalable and transferable to other cities in the Nordic region and beyond.

Visit the project website for updates and to learn more: