Sustainable school grounds

Last changed: 09 September 2020

Sanna Ignell, Märit Jansson, Anna Levinsson, Björn Wiström

The project is a cooperation between theme groups Landscape governance and management and Urban vegetation at LAPF.

Financier: Formas

Time period: 2020-2023

Project description:
Sustainable school grounds is a doctoral project funded by Formas with the goal to find interesting and suitable woody species and establishment concepts for school grounds in urban environments. This is done with the purpose of enabling the development of sustainable and varied green areas for children in cities.

Through greenhouse experiments, where the physiological reactions of woody species is studied, we will gather knowledge of the species tolerance towards different stressors associated with school grounds. This will also hopefully result in a list of new interesting species to use in these situations. In addition to such experiments, experience from practitioners in the field will be gathered and evaluated to get an overview of successful methods and species compositions.

Establishment concepts and species lists will be formed based on the knowledge from the experiments and gathered experience from the field. These concepts will then be implemented on existing school grounds and evaluated.


Sanna IgnellDoctoral Student at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management