A scientific contribution from SLU to the comprehensive planning in the municipality of Staffanstorp

Last changed: 29 January 2020

Anders Larsson

Financier: Vinnova
Time period: 2018-2019

All Swedish municipalities must, according to law, have an updated comprehensive plan. Establishing a comprehensive plan is time consuming, extensive and uses a lot of resources. Research on comprehensive planning exists but researchers, with their knowledge and competence, rarely participate in the municipal planning processes. This project means establishing collaboration between researcher Anders Larsson and Staffanstorps municipality.

Larsson will contribute to Staffanstorps new comprehensive plan in several ways. Larsson has extensive knowledge and experience from strategic land-use planning. Specific areas where Staffanstorp municipality wants input regards densification, public participation, mobility and blue-green planning. In this project, Larsson will participate in different phases in the making of the new comprehensive plan.

The experiences from this project will also lead to future research projects. Both parties expect this project to lead to inspiration for future research applications. Staffanstorp wants to work more with water-related planning issues. Hence, Larsson is planning to use the experiences gained in this project to involve the municipality in a future research application with focus on storm water management. Moreover, Larsson is hoping that this collaboration project will give inspiration to his teaching. This project will lead to new ideas for Larssons courses, where Staffanstorp can be used as a case study for the students in several ways.

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